Your Trusted Advisor

Locutis takes on the responsibility and accountability for managing your entire IT environment to deliver the performance and security your board members and donors expect. By spending less of your time and resources on technology, your organization can devote more time to interacting with sponsors, volunteers, and donors–who, as a community, can drive your mission.

The Locutis Virtual CIO consulting service provides a senior executive that serves as a CIO and IT advisor to your business.

Not only do non-profits have budgetary constraints but they have a fiduciary obligation to their donors to operate their IT environments in an efficient and secure manner. Locutis' fixed prices, which include security services and full 24×7 support, can make IT work for non-profit organizations. Our knowledge of donor management software and membership management software can assist any non-profit organization. Many non-profits have to maintain compliance with several IT process and security standards including HIPAA, PCI and SSAE 16.


Our virtual CIO will ask “business” questions to help formulate IT recommendations. We want to understand your cash flow, marketing performance, sales results, profit drivers and competitive landscape.


Our virtual CIO will analyze your current state of IT, and align your business objectives with your IT environment so you can drive the value, to maximize the IT infrastructure you have invested in.

Structure & Process

Our virtual CIO will be able to assist you in your client servicing issues, increasing sales revenue and organizing your company’s structure and processes.


We will ask thought-provoking questions to discover unseen opportunities and areas for improvement.