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Help your clients get found online with accurate listing information! Most consumers will conduct an online search before ever setting foot in a store, so when that search result yields inaccurate information, businesses lose customers! Our Marketing Strategists can help prevent this by manually claiming and updating business information across the web, directories, mobile apps, voice search, and more.

What listings can be claimed through this service?

We can claim Google Business Profile, Yelp, Bing, Yellow Pages, TripAdvisor, RateMDs, and Please contact us if your client has a request to claim their listing on a site outside of these.


Increase Online Ranking and Visibility
Our Marketing Strategists can claim a listing on any one site for your clients, allowing their businesses to rank higher on search engines and get found by potential customers.

Optimize Brand Awareness

Increase your clients' brand awareness and keep their customers updated in real-time.

Quick Turnaround

Claiming and correcting a listing may take up to 90 days, but most of your clients can start enjoying corrected listings in less than 30 days!

What's included:

1 fully claimed listing on any 1 site.
Validation process through the phone, or a postcard.
Correction of existing listings.
Note: this service requires access to a Gmail account that is associated with the business: username, password, and any recovery information.

Kick-start your online presence!

  • Report on the syndication of your data and proof of performance in citations. Our platform shows when data has been synced with each of the four data aggregators and your growth in citations over time.
  • Google Insights: Google Insights in Listing Builder gives you a valuable glimpse of their customer activity, including how customers find your listing and what customers do with your listing.
  • We Showcase our clients’ brand with photos and highlighting products and services. Offer more information like hours of operation and payment methods. Enhancing online listings will make customers more likely to buy.
  • We Build our clients’ online presence, drive customers to their door, and boost their SEO. The correctness, quality, and amount of citations a business has all contribute to local search rankings.
  • Sync status reporting

  • Protection from third-party changes

  • Business data sync to the three primary data aggregators (Data Axle, Localeze Neustar and Foursquare)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1What is a data aggregator?
    Data aggregators gather consumer and business data and provide it to hundreds of listing directories, review sites, search engines, and more. They also power sophisticated modern applications such as Apple’s Siri and personal navigation systems.
    2How often can I make changes to my business profile?
    You can update your business profile as much as you like while your Listing Distribution subscription is active. There’s no limit on the number of changes you can make.
    3How often are listings sent to the data aggregators?
    When a listing is created or modified in our system, the information is sent within 24 hours. The data aggregators receive this data and provide us with confirmation within 6-8 weeks. We also refresh your listing data once every month to ensure that aggregators always have the most accurate version of your listing.
    4What if a business has duplicate listings—how does Listing Distribution take care of those?
    Listing Distribution does not delete duplicate listings. If you are interested in duplicate suppression, we encourage you to visit our Listing Sync Pro product.
    5How long does Listing Distribution take?
    As soon as you enter your business information, we push it to the data aggregators. It can take 6-8 weeks for them to receive the information and ensure it is correct in their own databases. It is then up to the sites and sources to update their information from the data aggregators. They each query them at various intervals—some seek out the information weekly, monthly, etc. Therefore, the timeline for when a source picks up that information will vary greatly depending on their process for updating their data.
    6Why is Listing Distribution a yearly subscription?
    Listing Distribution is a continual process that maintains and builds your web presence over time. Once the data aggregators have your correct business information, the rate at which sites reference this information varies. To ensure the widest span of information and amount of listings created, Listing Distribution needs to be activated for an extended period of time.

    Even if your business information is correct, listings can be eroded over time by user-generated content and other incorrect data. As long as your subscription is active, Listing Distribution refreshes your information with the data aggregators every week. Without this, there is a risk of allowing the current public data to change all of the value already established.
    7How does Listing Distribution work?
    Listing Distribution submits your business information to the main data aggregators: Neustar/Localeze, Foursquare, Data Axle, and Factual.

    Over time, hundreds of directories will reference these aggregators to collect business data and create accurate listings based on your submitted information. This includes search engines, navigation systems, voice search, mobile apps, and even offline sources like telephone books and government records.

    When multiple sources have consistent business data, two outcomes occur:

    1. Google’s WebCrawler finds the same information in multiple places and adds more confidence to their business data

    2. Good backlinks are created with more referring sources to the business’ website creating better SEO.
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